Community Support - Sliding Scale

Wow, it's April already? It's been a long winter, but it's still catching me off guard that March is over. Maybe it's all this snow that is still on the ground!

I wanted to write this post to highlight our sliding scale payment option. We love growing and sharing high quality food, but finding that balance between charging enough for us to make a living while still keeping our food affordable can be a real challenge. In our quest to make sure our food is accessible to anyone who wants it, we started implementing a sliding scale option a few years ago.

2012 CSA Potluck

2012 CSA Potluck

So, how does it work? As a new business and young family, we can't afford to offer reduced cost shares, so we've reached out to our CSA community and asked for our member to help share the burden. When signing up for the CSA, we give our members a chance to pay a little extra if they can (and wow, we're so very thankful to everyone who chooses to pay more!).

Another great source of funds for the sliding scale is through our work commitment opt-out fee. I really like how this gives members who are too busy to commit to helping on the farm or at our CSA distribution a chance to help out in another way.  

It's such a wonderful thing to be able to facilitate our members helping each other to make our CSA accessible to everyone! So if you're interested in the CSA but are having a hard time paying the full cost, or know someone else who is - don't hesitate to contact us and see what we can work out!